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Thai Bo

A well-known Hollywood coach, 7 times martial arts world champion, Willy Blanks invented Thai Bo aerobics. This is a special exercise complex that combines Eastern philosophy, boxing, carate, and even kick-boxing.

Thai Bo combines the activation of the hidden powers of your organism with the experience of ancient self-defense doctrines, dancing exercises, and boxing, accompanied by great examples of modern music. Thai-Bo has a lot in common with the training techniques you`ve encountered with beforehand.

Thai-Bo system is easy to master: there is no need in special choreographic training. You won`t need huge expensive gym apparatuses. It may sound impossible but Thai-Bo can help you loosing up to 800 calories an hour.

Thai-Bo combines load on heart and intensive muscles` workup and such a combination is advisable if you wish to achieve the best results possible in the process of depot fat burning. Thai-Bo exercises improve the muscles greatly: the thing is that you use your hands and legs and the exercises are power ones. What is more, all muscles of your legs and all your abdominal muscles are "worked at". A great number of sharp moves requires considerable expenditure of energy and therefore considerable weight loss is guaranteed. Remember that improving your cardiovascular system you develop endurance. The muscles of your legs and of your hips become stronger very soon and therefore look better.

Thai-Bo system is a very intensive one, it results in pleasant tiredness and introduces a lot of positive emotions in your life. You can keep up to your way of living doing Thai-Bo some two times a week. The result you`ll get will be a certain reward: desirable shapes, good immunity, beautiful posture, and nice healthy complexion.

Thai-Bo can help women becoming more single-minded and confident.

Thai-Bo technical "package" includes a lot of exercises, punches, kicks, and ordinary physical exercises. The technique of some exercises is borrowed from all kinds of martial arts.

It is advisable to do Thai-Bo in the center so as a coach could control your moves and notice if anything is done not in the way it is supposed to be done.